Crepes in Paris


Hi, I’m Charlene and I’m a Foodie!  It seems as if today there are two types of Foodies that exist, ones that like to taste and ones that like create.  As of a few years ago, I would have just considered myself  an avid taster; the type that’s a fan of eating, but not so much cooking.  I enjoyed going to great restaurants, to see for myself what’s all the commotion about great reviews and specialty items.  However, within the past few years, with becoming more adventurous to trying all types of food, regardless if it’s Fine Dining or a Hole in the Wall restaurant, I’ve grown to become experimental in the kitchen.

Within the past few years, I started to use my knowledge of flavors to create recipes that are easy to cook, and that are practical.  I became passionate about creating delicious dishes and entertaining friends with satisfying meals. However, I would say that the biggest change of when I became this new age Foodie is when I shifted my love of buying new clothes, to buying new kitchen appliances (okay, I may have not shifted this 100%… Shiny new kitchen appliances are sometimes worth buying over new heels.. but only SOMETIMES!).

We’ve all heard of retail therapy, and although that will never be replaceable, I believe it has met its’ match… at least for me.  Cooking is relaxing (with the exception of holiday dinners), and it’s something that I can be creative in.  I was never good with arts and crafts, but I definitely know when something tastes delicious!  My kitchen is definitely my safe haven, where I do not think about work or any other issues, but just focus on the wonderful ingredients at hand.  And although I taste everything I create, I’m more partial to savory foods;  My motto- Steak over Cake!  But the result of this is that I’m the most loved/hated coworker within my company for delivering these sweet treats 🙂

As my friends, family and coworkers have enjoyed my flavorful concoctions, I’m often left with with same question, of “How did you make this?”  And although I am a young female in today’s technological world, I still keep an old fashioned recipe box with handwritten recipe cards, just like how I’m sure someone’s Great-Grandma did back in the day 🙂 .  Since I don’t have any social networking sites, I thought what better way to share my recipes with others, while having an online index to refer to, instead of my recipe box!

This site is a work in progress and I hope to eventually share all my recipes on here.  However, just like Rome was not built in one day, please mind the dust.

Until then… keep on eating 🙂



S’mores shake @ Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery (Seattle, WA).


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